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Longarm Quilting

Here at Quilter's Heaven we offer long arm quilting services. We use a 28" Innova longarm quilting machine with Mach 3 Auto Pilot. It is also equipped with the Grand Embroidery stitching. We offer hundreds of edge to edge quilting designs.

Preparing your quilt for quilting:

Your backing must be larger than your top. Your backing needs to be at least 8 inches bigger overall than your quilt top. For example, if your top is 60" x 70" we need your backing to be at least 68" x 78".

We also ask that you check to make sure that there is minimal 'fullness' in your borders and your quilt is as square as possible. In some cases, when your quilt is not square it can lead to wrinkles, folds, or waves in your quilt top. Alternatively, you can lay your quilt flat on the floor. If there is a wrinkle that you seem to chase around the outside edge and can't get to lay flat then you've got a bit of a fullness problem. We are always willing to give guidance on how to prevent problems such as these.

Please press or starch your quilt so that the the seams lay flat. .


We carry a variety of quilt batting that we can provide at retail.  We offer Bamboo batting, Warm and Natural batting and Polyester by the roll; however, you can bring your personal preferred batting. We strongly discourage the use of extremely thin packaged poly.  If batting is provided by the customer, it should also be at least 8 inches overall larger than the quilt top.


We price our quilting by the square inch and charge for any additional services requested. Our edge to edge patterns are defined as patterns that start at the top edge and are the same over the entire quilt. Most of our edge to edge designs are a penny and a fourth (0.0125) per square inch.  

A quick way to estimate what your quilting costs would be is quilt length x quilt width x .0125 and then add $25 to $40 (depending on size) for batting. This will give you an estimate, but will not cover any additional applicable fees. For example, a quilt that is 62" x 72" has 4,464 square inches. Multiplied by $0.0125 (a penny and a fourth) is $55.80, plus batting will give you an approximate cost. 


Binding can be done for an additional fee.  The cost for having binding done is .18 cents per running inch.
Binding is doubled fabric and is machine-sewn to the front and hand-sewn to the back.

Quilt Labels:

A machine-embroidered quilt label can be stitched out for $15.00.
A customized handwritten label can be scanned and machine-embroidered for $20.00.

Potential/optional additional costs

Occasionally, people ask us to assemble backs. These are services that we can perform for a fee. Please note these services are optional.  
  • Backing assembly is $10 for a simple assembly .
  • The non-cotton backing surcharge is $10. Non-cotton backings such as fleece, minky, or snuggle fabrics are excessively stretchy and warrant careful watching to ensure that there aren't any folds or tucks. They can create difficulty when loading and may take extra care in pattern choice.

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